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How do I install the Microsoft Authenticator App? - Using the "More information required" prompt
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Multi-factor authentication is a process where you are asked to provide multiple forms of identification, such as a password and a code from your cellphone.

The use of multiple forms of identification protects your account in case your password is leaked or hacked, because the hacker does not have your additional forms of identification.


For students: first time logging in and after successfully resetting your BTC password a "More information required" screen will appear, please click “Next” to continue.


(Requirements for installing the Microsoft Authenticator App a Smartphone and/or Tablet, Android, iPhone, or iPad.)


*You will only require MFA when not connected to the BTC network.

Before clicking on "Next" to continue, install the “Microsoft Authenticator App” on your mobile device.


*The recommended default option is to use the Microsoft Authenticator app.


**If you choose the option: "I want to set up a different method" you will be able setup your phone to authenticate using SMS (text message) instead of using the app.


***Important note; if you click on the "Skip setup" option it will immediately re-direct and then log them into MyBTC without setting up MFA by going back the MyBTC homepage from another tab. You will continue to get prompted to setup the Microsoft Authenticator app


The next thing you will need to do is to download the “Microsoft Authenticator” app from the “App Store” (on iPhone) or the “Play Store” (on Android)




After installing the app, you will need to tap on "Add account" then tap on "Work or school account" and tap to choose the option to “Scan QR code”

On your computer, click on "Next" to continue and you will be shown a QR code.

Scan this with your phone to link the app with your BTC account, then click Next.


*Please make sure you allow the Microsoft Authenticator app to use your camera when asked.


After the QR code is accepted by the app, Microsoft will send a test authentication request.  Click Accept on the app notification to complete the test and setup.

You will receive a ‘pop up’ notification from the Microsoft Authenticator app to “Approve sign-in?”

You will need to press the Approve button to move forward.




If the setup is successful, you will receive the following confirmation: “Notification approved”

After successfully setting up the “Microsoft Authenticator” app you will now receive real-time alerts to quickly approve your sign-in requests to your BTC accounts.



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